What are backlinks and How to Build Backlinks



What backlinks mean ?

Backlinks, are the links created when an external website links to a post, page, or article in your site. These links in the external websites are called backlinks to your site. 

 What is the importance of backlinks?

Backlinks are especially important in enhancing website prominence and ranking in search engines. To simplify it, when many websites link to a certain post or content in your site, search engines will consider this as a recommendation from other sites to that content in your site which means (in the eyes of search engines) that your content is valuable and deserve to be ranked in the top results of search.

How to build backlinks?

To day after the advances in search engine algorithms  like  Penguin algorithm   it’s the quality not the quantity of backlinks that matters, so while building backlinks is important for ranking of your site make sure you don’t use spammy methods or blackhat methods and avoid getting links from sites irrelevant to your niche all these practices will endup with your site get penalized from search engines

Here are some methods to get high quality backlinks


First let’s define “Guest posting” : it simply means writing an article on someone else’s website and ending the article with a backlink to my site.

Guest posts is a great way to earn natural authority backlinks while strengthening a
relationship with other industry-relevant bloggers.

To do this first find your niche related sites that offer guest-posting opportunities you can do this by making some google search like this :
( keyword + write for us), (keyword “guest post”) or (keyword “submit a guest post”)

e.g.  (weight loss write for us) or (weight loss submit a guest post)
Approach them & tell the topic you already were written. Send your post to them including a link to your site





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