8 ways to make money with amazon


The shifting  to online shopping has affected different conventional retail shops.  Consumers are more and more shifting toward online stores due to the fact that customers can sit down back at their houses while flipping thru  online stores.Not only this but now many people search amazon first even before searching in google this means that from making money online point of view amazon can be a big chance for making some hard cash

There is multiple options to make money with amazon and we will summarize these these options in this article simply but of course you will need some  knowledge about how to  do every option the right way for this we have covered almost every  topic in details  in other posts you will find the links inside  this article

1.  Amazon affiliate

The most popular way to make money with amazon is Affiliate marketing which is simply promoting products sold by others in order to drive a sale and earn money by commissions . Amazon Associates is offering an affiliate program . you can earn up to 10% commission for every sale you make .

To make money with amazon as an affiliate you need to sign up  in amazon associate for free .  you need to have a website with even a little  original posts  to get approved .  after approval you can start promoting products from the amazon marketplace,  with over a million products available including nearly all types of categories from  video games to televisions, music ,ebooks, and almost everything you can imagine.
promoting products is not a difficult task and you can do this by many methods like Building  your  affiliate website ,using social media pages like facebook and twitter, Email marketing and many other ways each method is discussed in details in the related links

2. Selling products in Amazon Marketplace

You can make good money with amazon through the Amazon Marketplace. Here, you can add your products as an Amazon seller . The most Important step here is to choose the good  product that will sell .Many Amazon sellers buy their products as a wholesale through Ebay or Alibaba  and then resell them in Amazon Marketplace for a higher profit. to succeed in this the product must be good quality and low price  to avoid bad reviews which will affect your reputation

3. Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon all you will do is Simply upload your t-shirt design , set your price, and promote it.  Amazon does the printing, packing and shipping all with no upfront costs . In exchange for this service, Amazon takes a 50-55% commission.

At the moment, Merch by Amazon is not open to the public. You can only sign up and request an invitation in the hopes of getting an account soon . However, it’s a good program  and deserve to keep checking out .

4. Self Publishing books via Amazon Kindle

If you’re a writer, you can make good money with amazon kindle The Amazon Kindle allows writers to profit from their self-published work all You need to upload your work on Amazon and sell the book from there nut of course you must promote it and start getting reviews

5. Make money by doing small tasks on Mechanical Turk

 Amazon Mechanical Turk  allows you to do online tasks to earn money . Tasks are small, such as such as choosing the best image for a storefront, writing descriptions or reviews for products, or describing images and so on .you can get paid good cash for these tasks .

6. Amazon Vine

Amazon.com is an internal service of Amazon that allows  product developers to receive reviews for their products on Amazon.Companies pay a fee to Amazon . If you like posting product reviews then you can be Vine Voice reviewer for amazon . however this program is by invitation only but if you kept writing and reviewing for sure you will get noticed ind invited to share in the program

7. Amazon Homemade

you can sell you own homemade products  through  Amazon Handmade platform To apply and find out the basic information, go here. to fill The application you  just need to answer questions and supply information about your products and yourself. so it may take  some time to approve your application  specially  if they’re still as backed up with applicants.

8. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a delivery program which  hires independent contractors to complete  Amazon deliveries. If you’ve  a car a  phone and living in big city you can be an amazon flex  .  its some thing like Uber, Lyft, but Amazon Flex pays well but it can be difficult to get the job because new positions don’t open up often, and drivers compete for limited shifts.




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