Best free paid surveys sites 2018


Completing surveys online is one of the easiest ways for making money online. Paid survey sites will pay you for taking surveys and for your opinion on different products, games, films  and many other topics.

There is too many paid surveys sites, some are legitimate, others are scam, also each site has its own payment-reward system and also some sites accept members only from certain countries like USA or western countries, others offer international platforms and accepting members from all over the world .

 Each site has a limited number of surveys every month So If you want to earn serious money it is better to join as many legitimate survey sites as you can

        Here is a list of the best legitimate survey sites


The most popular paid survey online due to its wide variety of ways to earn rewards as answering surveys, watching entertaining videos, playing games, shopping online, and more. Also it offers Exclusive signup bonus .Swagbucks give you reward points which you can redeem for money paypal or gift cards to over 100 of best retailers  online like amazon

how can i make money from swagbucks : as mentioned before swagbuck is not only take surveys there is many ways to make money with swagbucks you will find it our swagbucks review


Toluna  is one of the biggest online survey sites with over 10 million members Toluna have a wide variety of surveys that earn you points. you can earn up to 6000 points for each survey which you can redeem for Amazon vouchers and prize draws when you have at least 30,000 points in your account. also you can redeem it on paypal after reaching 90,000 points for 30 $

One of the best things of Toluna is its  product testing opportunities., they send you a product and you test itthen answer some questions about the product then get paid for it ,This is where they send you a product for free, you use it for a few weeks, then you answer a few questions about it and get paid for your time.


Ipoll  unlike most other online survey sites  is covering  most world areas and countries rather than just U.S. and western countries like most other surveys sites

Prizes and cash :You’ll enjoy earning cash, popular gift cards to your favorite brands like amazon and Itunes  and entries to a $10,000 Quarterly Prize Draw!

The iPoll app  : Don’t forget to get the app for your favorite mobile device and smartphone!


InboxDollars is a great legit survey site . You can say that it is the  competitor to Swagbucks but of course you can sign up make some good money from both

A great thing about InboxDollars is the $5 registration bonus. Although you can create some  good money  not only from surveys but also from other tasks like Watching TV and Videos, taking polls, playing games, shopping online ,Surfing the Web and more.

Minimum balance of $30 which you can receive as paypal deposit or as gift cards


MyPoints is a great way to earn cash for things that you already do in your spare time. Get paid to take surveys, shop online, watch videos, play games and referring your friends.

The main purpose of MyPoints is to server as a cash back portal, earning cash back each time you shop online. When it comes to taking surveys, expect to earn at a rate of roughly $8 – $10 per hour, assuming you only take the higher-paying ones.

When you earn your first $20, you get a bonus of $10. Not only that, but they have an excellent referral program that pays you when your friend signs-up and when your friend earns their first $20.


Mysurvey is one of the leading companies in the industry , even before the internet era 1946 ,  My Survey was launched  as the National Family Opinion Organization ,now it’s one of the top legit survey sites in the internet  MySurvey give you  $2 bonus  when you register for a new account

In MySurvey  Pays through PayPal , Amazon and high-street vouchers  you get nearly around 100 point per survey and the minimum reward threshold is 345 point which is nearly (£3)

Global Test Market

Global Test Market is an online survey service that allows you to participate in reviewing one product or another , you can choose from quite a wide array of surveys that include movies, restaurant, automobiles, current events and pretty much any topic that you might find interesting.

The Best In Global Test Market is that it is covering  most world areas and countries, it can be considered international survey site there are 49 different countries are currently available  .

Global Test Market rewards are  in the form of Life Points and entries into  sweepstakes  which can give prizes up to  $500. LifePoints  are redeemed  for e-certificates , gift cards, , charity donations or cash via PayPal.

You can cash out after you reach a minimum of $10 to  to either PayPal or for gift cards. Each time you refer your friend you get a bonus of 100 points.

How to maximise your earnings from online surveys

Here’s a few tips to maximise your earnings if you want to start online surveys business

Join as much sites as you can

As mentioned before, each site has a limited number of surveys every month So If you want to earn increase your chances of earning money with surveys it is better to join as many  sites as you can so that you can always find available surveys

Set up a separated email for online surveys

You will need to check your email box regularly to check for new emails that may last for only hours so It is highly recommended to have a separate email for all of your survey sites to allow you to easily check every day for new emails of new surveys without being mixed with your personal emails .

Don’t Think that you are smarter than survey companies so be honest in the information you intoduce

some people try to introduce false informations in order to get qualified for surveys and get more ones but this will not work as all surveys are reviewed either manually or using intelligent softwares that can easily detect any false information provided and the result is that you will be penalized and may have your account closed so try to be honest as you can in the information you provide.

Cash out as soon as you reach the minimum payout

Don’t let any money on surveyed sites or on any online platform in general always cashout when you reach your minimum payout

Never pay for surveys

You may heard about scam sites that tell you that they have a way for you to make thousands of dollars from paid surveys and all you have to pay to get their genuine top secret way for making money from surveys  .==As a role==any site ask you to pay to get surveys is scam. don’t get scammed only join free the free sites like the sites listed above

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