How to create a YouTube channel and upload videos



A complete guide to Create a YouTube channel

As you know YouTube is owned by Google so In order to access YouTube, you must have Google or Gmail account. So let’s start from sign up.

How to sign up into your Google account

1- Create a gmail account (click here ) : you will use it to sign in youtube if you have already one then go to the next step

2- Go to YouTube  and click on sign in button (top right corner) you will go to google accounts page


3-Sign in using the email and password of your gmail account  .

4- After you sign in, click in the icon on the (top right corner) then in the menu click on (sittings)  same as picture below


5- Then click on (create a new channel)  same as the image below.

6- You will go to another page that ask you to provide a name to your channel, add the name of your new channel , Then click on Create button.

7- Now you have a youtube channel but it will need some customization like setting the profile image which will show the purpose of your channel, to.set up your profile image click on customize channel as the image below

8- click on (add channel art) to change the background to (choose an image that show your channel purpose ) also click on the icon on the top left side to change it to your picture or any picture that fit your channel


9- Now its time to upload your first video, to do this click on this icon (  ) that is usually in the right side of the top of the screen as the image below



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