How to get more views to your youtube channel 20 way


YouTube is the second most popular and visited website on the planet with billions of users are searching and watching its video content. For this, YouTube has become curitial for any  online business owner to reach a wide range of audience.

The challenge, however, is that there are thousands of videos already exists on each niche and and more thouthands are being uploaded at the moment and each of the uploaders hope to get views for his videos.
So how does one ensure his or her video is visible and attracting views or traffic?

The following are just tips for getting more views to your video

 Add the best search keywords in your video’s title.

Always think about what people would write in search engines if they needed the information that you provide in your video.

Use the same words that people would use, For example if you are creating a video about “dog training.”, then use the words that people would use when they search for dog training like “ how to train your dog ” or “ how to talk to your dog ” and so on.

Put all your keywords in the tag section.

While you add your best keywords in the title, but you can’t stuff the title with all the keywords that you want to use.

Instead, put your best keyword in the title while all other good keywords including the ones in your title put them in tags section.

One of the ways to find the best keywords related to your video is to search youtube about your specific niche to find out the top watched videos then use the keywords that repeatedly appear in these top videos

Start discussions to encourage commenting

. Ask questions in your video that gets people commenting. For example, asking for advice on a problem or something that stirs a bit of controversy can go a long way to getting comments, and of course the more comments you get, the higher you can rank on the most discussed list.

Create a Hook In The First Seconds of Video

If you didn’t hook your audience during the first five to ten seconds they will mostly click away from your video, that is what marketing researchers confirmed.

In other words you have to make your first 10 seconds the most compelling. Engage with people during there 10 seconds by sparking curiosity letting your viewers to know why they should watch the entire video, ask questions, use tesering images and simply add value during these first seconds of your video

Add fun

The more enjoyable and funny your videos are, The more you will make people attached to your videos, Let’s admit It, most people use the internet to be entertained, They need something to break their life routine and the internet is a good escape to to them, so make sure to add some funn and humor to your videos.

Make short videos

Most people searching the internet are often jumping from one content to the another.  While some videos may keep viewers attracted for more than 30 minutes but this is exceptional and the rule is that most people will not stay more than 3 to 5 minutes before they jump to another video, so make sure to keep your videos within this time .

Post frequently.

If you’re posting at least once a week, people will be accustomed to watch your videos. If you only post once a month or every few weeks, people will forget who you are and why they might even watch your videos.

But take care don’t post too frequently like several videos a day even if you have great information to post because that is equal to spam and you will loss the suspense.

Don’t reply on the haters.

Be sure that you’re going to get some hate comments because simply we are human and there’re some people who are only looking for someone to hate and soon or later this one will be you.

Never reply to it because if you replied badly or nervously on these comments you will leave very bad impression on other people that really love what you are doing.

Also put on your mind that hate comments are a good thing because it means that you left an impact on your haters to the extent that he left a comment, he would have closed your video with no comment at all, also it will initiate more comments from other viewers that love your content and the over all result is more ranking to your video, So just ignore it and go on what you are doing.

Widen your target audience .

For example, if you’re in a video teaching people how to get visitors to their websites, don’t make it , “How to get visitors to  e.g  a recipe website.”, you’ll get views from people with recipe sites, but nobody else.

Instead make your video about how to get visitors to your site in general  widen your target audience

Create free tutorial videos.

These kind of videos will deliver more traffic to your channel because simply people love it and most people searching the internet are seeking for information and learning.

For example, if you’re selling a course on how to get more website traffic, then create tutorials about ways of getting traffic, Provide real valuable info, not just a sales pitch.

Then at the end of your video ask them to click your link in the description for more information.

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