myths about making money online


there are many myths around making money online that warrant addressing . The first step to success in making money online is by overcoming these myths.

1– Making Money Online is Easy

let us come to the first myth of Internet marketing:
Making money online is easy . Unfortunately , making money online is not that easy . People who think about start making money online  often seem to forget that It’s still a business. This means that building an online business is not easier than to build it offline one. In fact, in some cases , making money online can be even harder than offline.
That means it requires spending time and effort and sometime money in order to   provide quality, which is
very important today .

2– you can Make Money fast

another myth that many people who want to start making money online think that internet marketing can make them rich in a short period of time. While this can happen, it is not the norm. or in other words it should not be expected . don’t  expect that Internet marketing will make you huge amount of money within days or even within months , . yes, it’s possible, and you  should strive for it, but don’t expect it.  As mentioned before , making money online requires spending time and effort  in a consistent manner . taking this myth in mind will help you to succeed in your business because you will be always prepared to be a long term gamer and you will keep spending more efforts even if your first trails did not work as you hoped .

3– You Must be an Expert on Your Topic to start business around it

this myth is completely false and prevents many people from going deep in internet marketing  .  . Yes to be expert is very good but not at any way essential. many  people are  making good  money online while not being experts in their chosen topic. Rather than being expert just try to be a( relative expert !). relative expert means that you are although not expert but you are expert relative to your audience you just know more than average persons in that topic ) . for example .you may not be expert in politics but you know more knowledge about it more than all your friends  when you talk with your friends in politics  they will listen to you as if you were expert while you are in fact  just expert relative to them
so all you need to do is  one of 2 options

either start business in what you already ( relative expert) in and start talking about it right now don’t wait to be expert in it and while doing this gain more knowledge and skills as you go forward

the second option is to pick the topic that you are interested in and obtain the essential  knowledge that makes you appear as a relative expert to your audience  then start business about this topic right away and increase your knowledge with time that is the way most successful  money makers do

 4– One “All-Inclusive Course” is All You Need

Most programs promising to teach how to make money online are scams. No surprise
there. But the reason why they are a scam is important. They either require you to
replicate their system (i.e. make money online by teaching “how to make money online”)
or they do not provide enough of the right actionable steps for a newbie to take—steps
that are critical in seeing a real result. The first one is something that people have become
very familiar with, but it still warrants saying: Steer clear of these.
The second is the one to focus more on. Rarely are you going to find one “all-inclusive
course” that can take you soup to nuts from knowing nothing to making money online.
The reason for this is because in order to learn how to make money online, you need to
not only have the “what and how”, but you also need to have the mindset. One of the
main reasons that people fail at trying to make money online is that they are only
approaching things from half of the equation. They are trying to play chess while missing
half of their pieces (the most important ones).
Your mindset is critical to being able to successfully make money online. If it were as
easy as point here and click there, then everyone who bought an online program on how
to make money, would be making money. And then many, many more people, likely most
everyone you know, would have bought his/her internet marketing program and be super
successful online too.
But this isn’t the case, as is well known. The piece that is missing is the mindset. What
most courses don’t teach you is how to build your mindset so that you can successfully
take the actions and implement the things necessary to make money online.
While you can sometimes find it in a course, people most likely have to find this piece on
their own. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t believe the myth that
all you need to do to make money online is by that one “all-inclusive course.”

5– It Takes Money to Make Money Online

There is an age-old saying in business that it takes money to make money. Everyone’s
heard it, and most believe it. And for a long time, it was often true. But now, through the
power of the Internet, this is no longer the case.
Starting an online business is almost always going to be far less capital intensive than
starting a “traditional” business. While starting a more traditional style business can (and
often does) take a good amount of money to get started, an online business can typically
be started with $1000 or less. And for many people, starting their online business will be
less than a couple hundred bucks.
So while you shouldn’t expect to get your online business up and running for absolutely
no monetary investment, don’t believe the myth that it takes money to make money
online. There’s countless methods for generating revenue online that don’t require you to
place any initial investment at all.
Hopefully addressing some of these common make money online myths have cleared up
any misconceptions you may have had around making money online. Debunking these
myths can and should give you a very good and empowering feeling. Making money
online is real, and it is possible for anyone. Especially you.

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